Review on LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up (HOT)

27 Sep 2010
Get smooth and clear face line with LUS Extra V-line Lift Up!
It's another review for face reduction product. I'm so happy to review this fantastic product from Lush-Beauty again! If you have read my review on Yufit Hot Face Shaper Bra, you know that I've lots of baby fats on my face as well as fat chin. LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up (HOT) will be another product that will helps me to lift up my chin and get a slimmer face.

What is LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up?
It is a easy treating home care product which gives you a smooth and clear face line when you use this product repeatedly and consistently. Besides achieving smooth and healthy skin, you will get clear face line.
  • Instant heating: Burn fats immediately after application
  • Firming and toning: Lift up face and reduces fats and stubborn double chin
  • Contouring: Reduces the appearance of double chin and loose skin. Lift up intensively and look younger and slimmer
In simple words, the face mask visibly reduces thick chin and reshapes the facial contours.

This product is different from other slimming face product as it comes with a Neoprene.
Neoprene activates sauna effect and detoxifies the chin area. This enables effectiveness of extra lifting and burning of fats and reduces double chin.Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the results. I found the mask is convenient and easy to apply on.
During the 40 minutes, my skin didn't develop any rashes or redness and the heat was bearable.
My skin don't feel sticky after removing the mask.

For busy ladies, you might want to try out this product. It's quick and easy (^_^)
Though results vary from different person(instead of 1 you might need 2 treatments) , I'm sure if consistently using this mask, you will achieve your desired results very soon.

If you wanna try LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up (HOT) mask, check out the following:

It is available at at SASA Outlet and BHG Outlet.

If you need more information, you may contact Lush-Beauty at
Tel: +65 6515 5415
Operating Hours : 9:30a.m ~ 17:30p.m (Monday ~ Friday)

The price for LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up (HOT) mask is S$41.90.
It comes with 7 treatment mask and 1 Neoprene.

Enjoy the organic goodness with Lush Beauty!


poopy at: 26 April 2011 at 11:26 AM said...

hi there, how long did the effects of this mask last?

also, you did a review on Yufit Hot Face Shaper Bra previously. which one is better?


Milly Walker at: 26 April 2011 at 1:38 PM said...

Hi Poopy,
The effect last about 2 days for 1 time usage. If use frequently for long-term, abt 2-3 times a week, you might get ur desired results. For face sculpturing, LUS Extra V-Line Lift Up might be better choice:)

| miss rhea | at: 4 September 2012 at 2:53 PM said...

hi sweety, so this product cant make for forever result? it means that i must buy this items for routine? really need your help!

Milly Walker at: 4 September 2012 at 4:17 PM said...

Hi Miss Rhea, yup, you need to use this product continuously to maintain the result. Once you stop using, the jawline will return to original shape.

The only method which could last longer (up to 6-9 mths) and give better results will be Botox injections. After 9 months, your jawline will not go back to the original size before the injections (jawline remain smaller).

Thanks for reading my post!

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