Review on Lioele Special Mini Pack and Magic Whitening Cream

4 Oct 2010
I love skincare products - especially those with pretty packaging!! For your info, Lioele is also popular for their skincare products besides their cosmetic range (BB creams).
My first review will be Lioele Special Mini Pack Set. Did you see the sweet pastel colours and princess alike packaging. I find it so sweet! This mini pack comes with 3 different face masks. Each is about palm size and you can pack into your luggage if you're going for a short trip. (Don't forget your skincare regime even you're overseas.)
After washing off the mask, I'll put on facial cream before my make-up.
It's important as the cream will smooth your face and keeps your skin moisturized.
My review on second product is Magic Whitening Cream. Scroll down to see the results!
I like the rosy glow! Overall, the cream is light scented and not oily or sticky after applied.

Just a few more notes about this Magic Whitening Cream:
This cream has double brightening effect with white powder and vitamin C derivatives.
You can see instant whitening effect because it contains natural white powder which carries TiO2 in Silica (Silica coated with TiO2 makes your skin smooth and silky).
This magic cream also contains Astaxanthin (good for lively skin) and Vitamin A (good for elastic skin)

If you apply the cream daily, you will get brighter & whiter complexion plus this magic whitening cream helps to purify your skin too!

Where to get this awesome product:
The price for Special Mini Pack Set is S$12.00.
The price for Magic Whitening Cream is S$60.00.

You can purchase from John Little Departmental Store (Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura, Marina Square) BHG Outlet, Hereen (ALT) or visit
If you have any queries, you can visit Lush Beauty facebook.

Enjoy the organic goodness with Lush Beauty !


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