Beauty Review - Get flawess Skin & Bigger Eyes

13 Dec 2010
It has been some time I have not blog about beauty products. This round, I'm going to introduce some lovely products that will be make your skin look flawless and eyes look bigger.

Firstly, I'm touching on the coverage for face. I want a matt look and also a make-up that can lasts me up to 8-10 hours, I chose a BB cream and a face powder - Always Nuddy BB Cream and Heroine Smooth Cover Powder.
Take a look at the benefits of Always Nuddy BB cream:
The cream texture is smooth and glides easily. It is not sticky and you can feel the moisture after applying on your face. The coverage is medium (choose sheer or medium coverage since you are putting on a powder later, else thick coverage will make your make-up cakey) . I like this BB cream cos is light and not oily. Besides that, it helps to brighten my face colour and blends well with my skin colour.

It is only $20.00 if you purchase from Secretive online.
Next, I'm going to touch on Heroine Smooth Cover Powder. It is widely available at most Wastons' stores. Cost about $24.90 only (I threw the receipt away so estimate is this price)
I'm using Natural Beige 02 as I'm yellow skin tone. If you're fairer, you can choose Beige 01.
Take a look at the benefits. Same as BB cream, the powder is smooth and glides easily. Superb coverage and my dark spots are well covered! Of cos, you may use concealer on the dark spots for a clearer looking skin.
See the results after applying BB cream and Heroine powder.
After the face coverage, it's time to move on to eyes. My favourite Maybelline felt eye liner. very easy to apply and does not smudge. The price is $17.90. Widely available at most Watsons' or Guardian Pharmacy stores. Now John Little has 20% off, so can save another few dollars.
See the fine stoke .
That's not all~ for bigger brighter eyes, draw white eyeliner at lower inner line and another dark brown liner at the edge (draw half line will do). I'm using SaSa retractable brown crayon liner which is smudge proof. (price about $8.90) For white liner, I bought from Skinfood quite some time ago so can't advise you on the price.
Just in case, I'm putting on XCM 214 Geo Magic colour lens (Brown color). I find it natural and really makes your eyes look big!
For sweeter look, put on upper and lower eye lashes. I love Dolly Wink eyelashes but the prices are quite steep for me. With similar quality, I bought Ardell upper eyelashes at $8.90 from Watsons and lower eyelashes from SaSa at $3.90.
Cos this is a day look, I cut the lower eyelashes into half. For evening look, you may apply the entire length.
Tadah!!! Complete your entire look with soft colours for cheek and lip. You will look very natural and not over doing it.
Another camwhore pic~
That's the end of the post. Hope you find my findings useful!


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