Retreat into Wellness and Instant Wrinkle Reduction

8 Mar 2011
If you are someone who loves to pamper your body, take care of your wellness, this will be a great place to find all your needs. Read on to find out what I'm going to introduce that helps to reduce wrinkles instantly! (Note: This is not a paid / sponsored advertorial. Comments based on my own opinions)

I happened to find RIW (Retreat Into Wellness) at Raffles Exchange. It is a cosy shop and I love the ambiance. They sell varieties of spa products and at super affordable prices. Lots of the items are imported from overseas (USA) and you can hardly find them in Singapore except in RIW. Cos I hv super deep interest in SPA products, I have a chat with their staff and get to know a bit more of this shop. I asked the staff to show me their best selling items.
Sleeping shoes! Soft and comfy. And super cute designs. Many materials to choose from - cotton, silk satin, fur, etc. I heard that many office ladies came here to buy these shoes to wear in office. It's really true that these shoes are hot sellers, just 45 mins in the shop, I can see 80% of the customers bought a pair of sleeping shoes. Best of all, these shoes are machine washable. Price ranges from $25 - $35.

And yes, you can found a number of Spa blends - body butter, body souffle, body scrub, etc)

Body Souffle is one of their hot sellers. Light and fluffy. The hydrating Body Souffle' is enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamins A, C & E, and a combination of exotic plant extracts to ensure your skin is nourished and hydrated. Souffle comes in either 4, 8 or 16 Ounce Size.
Below pic is Ginger Lime which is their best selling Souffle.

You can see the comparison after applying the Souffle. I really like the light and smoothing texture. Skin feels hydrated instantly.
RIW also have a wide range of foot spa products. The foot files used in SPA salons can be found here too. Their OPI nail colours are below $20 per bottle and also have package deal.
You might be wondering what are these brushes. These are body brushes which they said regularly brushing your skin offers many health benefits. These brushes sweep away dead skin, stimulates blood flow, eliminates toxins from the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite + leave the skin glowing. I was told that these brushes are made using only the finest natural materials including jute, sisal and coconut fibers. (Different sizes for different body parts)
The diffusers really calms my mind. The largest bottle can be used up to 6 months.
Now I will show what I bought from RIW. Hermippe is a portable auto vibration massager by iontophoresis. Yes, no switch at all! It claims to speed up the penetration of the serum/ cream into your skin. The vibration also helps to improve blood circulation. You can use on cheek, eyes areas, around the lip lines. Hermippe is $39.00.

I have deep folds cos always sleep one sided. The harsh lines will always appear in the morning. To reduce the lines, I applied moisturizer along the deep line and start massaging. The massage head will automatically operate when comes in contact with the skin (no switch at all)
Just few minutes, you can see the difference. It's an amazing product to me!
I hope you will find this post useful and informative!

RIW is located at Raffles Exchange #B1-19. You can take train to Raffles Station.

You can join their Facebook Group to get the latest update.
- Operating Hours -
10am - 8pm (Mon - Fri)
Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday


Anonymous at: 9 February 2012 at 2:06 PM said...

Do you know where can i buy the Hermippe in the U.S or online with that pricing?

Milly Walker at: 9 February 2012 at 5:22 PM said...

Hi dear, you can check out at ebay website :)

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