26 May 2013

An all-in-one formula for a naturally radiant complexion – starting NOW!

See results starting now with GoodSkin Labs, the internationally acclaimed skincare brand dedicated to delivering REAL anti-aging results for REAL women. Whether it’s that wrinkle in between your brows, uneven skin tone, or the circles under your eyes, GoodSkin Labs has a solution that works. Starting now, it’s the countdown to a flawless complexion.

Women are masters at multi-tasking and demand the same from their skincare.  
GoodSkin Labs now brings you life’s rarest commodity – time.
With BB-10 Instant Skin Perfector SPF 35, minimize the amount of steps in your skincare routine, while seeing real, instant and long-term benefits, with our first skincare and makeup hybrid.  

Countdown to a flawless complexion with one-step BB-10, a product with ten benefits:

10 –  Corrects uneven skin tone
9  –  Brightens skin and adds radiance giving skin a healthy glow
8  –  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
7  –  Hydrates skin for long-lasting moisturization
6  –  Controls oil on the skin 
5  –  Protects skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays with SPF 35
4  –  Protects against environmental aggressors 
3  –  Reduces the look of pores
2  –  Primes skin for makeup application 
1  –  Conceals blemishes, such as acne marks and dark spots with buildable coverage

The universal shade formula matches most skin tones as it blends into the skin. Wear BB-10? on its own for a naturally perfected and glowing complexion, or apply under foundation for a subtle glow that lasts throughout the day. The oil-free multi-functional formula is loaded with super antioxidants, and designed to repair and protect the skin while hydrating and creating a flawless finish.

- Instantly smoother, more radiant, visibly flawless skin.
- Clinically proven reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Sensory Studies Demonstrate INSTANT Results:
- 94% of women reported increased skin moisturization
- 89% of women reported an evening out of skin tone
- 85% of women reported smoother overall skin texture
- 80% of women reported brighter, more luminous skin

“In a world of skincare where there are many options, GoodSkin Labs remains dedicated to delivering targeted solutions that meet our skincare needs instantly and over time. There is no product that exemplifies this better than BB 10. Effectively functioning as an all-in-one solution, BB 10 hydrates, protects, covers and controls skin imperfections, working as the perfect skincare and makeup hybrid. BB 10 is an extremely versatile product women need in their skincare and makeup arsenal.” - Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist 

I like the smooth and non-greasy texture. It glides smoothly onto my skin. After 2-3 hours, my face remains matt.

You can see from the above pic (without face powder), pores and dark spots are less visible for 
just 1 application. It does not leave a thick make-up feel.

For the above pic, I have put on light make-up and the make-up stays for hours. Moreover, my face was not oily at all after few hours.

I love the matt and light make-up feel!

Honestly, for a minimal amount and getting 10 benefits in a bottle is really worth it :)


See results starting now with BB 10 Instant Skin Perfector SPF 35.
This multi-tasking, all-in-one formula works as a skincare and makeup hybrid to simplify skincare routines for fewer steps to a flawless, youthful complexion.  

After cleansing and moisturizing, apply a small amount to clean fingertips and gently blend with fingers in a downward motion all over the face. For greater coverage, apply more where needed. 

BB 10 Instant Skin Perfector SPF 35 will be available at all SaSa stores from 1 May 2013.
The 30ml will be retailing at S$43.00  


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