Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream

22 Jun 2010

Another product review for Elishacoy!

Previously, I blogged about Elishacoy Always Triple BB cream and how much I love the results.
Have been using it for some time and my skin do improve as my acne marks are slightly lesser.

Once again, I'm so happy that Lush Beauty sent me another product and super excited to try out Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB :) Have a good feeling that this might be even better?!

I was told that this BB cream is Eco-certified organic product and it contains nutrition-rich caviar, royal jelly extract and mineral rich deep sea water that makes your skin glossy.
Woo~ a solution to brighten up my skin tone instantly?
Better still, it does not contain UV absorbing agent that may irritate your skin.

As I read on the benefits, Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB cream has UV double blocking effects of UVA and UVB with SPF45 PA+++, prevents melanin formation and loss of skin elasticity. Definitely suitable for someone like me (*cough* reaching 30 this year), who needs a 'powerful' UV protection to prevent ageing.

Can't wait anymore, must try the 'wonder' cream now!

As you see above, that's my naked face. Though I have lesser acne marks, but I still have dark eye rings, dull skin tone, opening pores at cheek areas, small freckles, etc Tsk Tsk! Must cover up!!! Quick!

Spread the BB cream evenly over the face. (A thin layer of cream or a bean size will do) The cream texture is smooth, so it's pretty easy to spread. I love it cos it doesn't feel sticky after applying~

I can see my face brighten up instantly! Cool thing is my flaws are covered up. See close-up pic:

Not bad rite? Can see my pores become smaller, skin tone brighten and skin texture smoother :)
After applying the BB cream, I applied loose powder and put on little eye make-up.
I am sooo~ satisfied with the final results. I felt my skin look natural and not too heavy/cakey with the make-up. The cream just blends well with my skin colour. Yeah!

Besides Elishacoy Always Triple BB cream , I can say Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream gives me one of the best results.

Camwhoring with the BB cream , haha!

That's not all! I haven't finish talking about the functions and benefits, haha.
I'm going to list down here:

17 in 1 BB Cream (Detox + Whitening + Wrinkle Care + Organic Sun Screen + Makeup Base + Foundation + Concealer + Moisturizer + Brightening + Lifting & Firming + Soothing + Pore tightening + Skin breathing + Skin balancing + Smoother skin + Even skin tone + Trouble Care)


  1. Contains organic compound-free ingredient – sunscreen UV diffusing agent which is non-greasy, skin-friendly & blocks off UV rays effectively unlike other sun screen which absorbs UV rays which will further damage your skin.
  2. Gold extracts which detoxifies skin, promotes healthy blood circulation & natural radiance to glow on your skin.
  3. Gold therapy which promotes healthier skin tone, evens skin tone & skin glowing.
  4. Reduces fine lines, freckles & dark circles effectively.
  5. Wraps around the skin for 12 hours to complete a High Definition Nude Makeup effect.
  6. Eco-certified organic product
Want more and better picture illustration? You can visit this link (with pictures and charts) :

Interested to get one?
To purchase, you can get Elishacoy at John Little departmental store &

Price of the Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream is SGD59.90 for 50ml.
This price is very reasonable for a good BB cream :)
I think it's worth than buying a branded liquid foundation, as liquid foundation don't really give us the benefits above if you compare with Elishacoy Premium Gold Mineral BB Cream.

Last but not least, join lush-group as a facebook fan and receive free gifts and samples.


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