CUSkin Whitening Cream & BB Cream

23 Jan 2011
Want to have a fairer skin tone? You might want to know more about CUSkin Products.
CUSKin might be sounds unfamiliar to some of you. However, CUSkin is one of the best cosmeceutical corporation in Korea that develops and retails a cosmetic line for troubled skin based on clinical research for 9 years. CUSkin stands for Clean Up Dermatology. It helps actual skin improvement rather than simple skin care. Read below for a brief introduction:
I'm happy to receive samples for Pure Whitening Cream and Whitening & Wrinkle repair BB Cream. I'll start off with the whitening cream.
I can say this is the middle range product so the price is slightly pricey. For clinical research of 9 years, I'm quite confident this whitening cream can give us a radiant complexion after using for a period of time. As you can see below, the cream is rich in moisture and like a gel base, not sticky.
You can see the fine lines on my hand before applying the cream. After applying the cream, the fine lines are lesser, skin surface becomes smooth and slightly brightens up. You will feel a layer of mositure protection.
Moving on to the Whitening & Wrinkle repair BB Cream. The BB cream tone is quite light. So fair skin ladies will love this colour tone. The cream texture is slightly thick.
Coverage is good. You can see the letter 'C' is covered and skin tone becomes fairer.
After applying on face, straight away you can see the difference. Dark eye rings are covered and skin tone is even & brightens up. I only applied the cream in bean size as the cream texture is thick and rich.
With make-up on, I'm ready to off to work :) For more info of the products, you can visit or visit their facebook. Do vote for me if you like this post!


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