Lioele Water Drop BB Cream & Lioele Co2 Mousse Esthetic Pack

24 Jan 2011
Need an instant fix to your skin? Dewy and fresh make-up look? Budget less than $50? If yes, this post may be of a little help :) Plus we have samples to give away! Proudly sponsored by Lush Beauty!!!!
My skin looks terrible due to busy working schedule and was sick for quite some time. When I thought of coming CNY, I must die die must 'fix' my skin. So I bought a few items from as they are having SALE! I bought Lioele Water Drop BB Cream, Lioele CO2 Mousse Esthetic Pack and Lioele Sun Elastic Powder Pact mini. You can click on the links to read about their benefits.
I will start off with Lioele Co2 Mousse Esthetic Pack.(Price: $12.90) I decided to buy this pack as it helps to remove dead skin plus giving our skin intensive moisture. Yes, this is definitely what I need - intensive moisture as my skin looks dull and lack of elasticity. Below are some pics showing the instructions.
After washing off the foam, my skin is super refresh and 'pump' up with moisture. Skin tone also slightly brightens up. Moving on to BB cream. I have always wanted to try Lioele Water Drop BB Cream. (Price: $11.40)I have heard it is super moisturising and it will gives the dewy natural look (makes your face glows naturally).
Testing the coverage. The texture is smooth and watery. Easy to glide and spread.
Check out my terrible skin - dark eye circles, freckles and stubborn zit spots.
Just a few minutes, my skin looks fresh and dewy.
To keep my sebum in control and for additional sun block, I bought Lioele Sun Elastic Powder Pact mini. (Price: $6.90)It is a translucent powder and helps to make skin look silky and smooth due to the pearl powder effect.
After applying the powder, skin looks smooth and natural.
For day look, I just put on light eye make-up and ready for work.
I'm now more confident to go '拜年', kekeke
Yes, as mentioned earlier, we have free samples to give away! We have 15 sets for 15 lucky ladies. Each winner will receive 2 sample packs of ElishaCoy Essence Sheet Masks and 2 sample packs of BB Creams. **The facial sheet masks are super effective and a great recommendation to all genders/ ages. The mask is made of 100% pure cotton and each contains 25g essence. You will see instant results after 1 use.

Just email us ( your name, address, contact number and subject title "Lush Beauty Samples Giveaway 2".

Closing deadline is 27 Jan, 8pm sharp.
(*Sorry, No choosing of samples pls.)
*All samples given out. We have emailed the 15 lucky participants.*
The above samples are proudly sponsored by (also known as Lush Beauty).
ElishaCoy Essence Sheet Masks
(If you're interested to purchase, pls click on the links.):
1) Honey and Royal Jelly - for moisture & lifting
2) Chestnut Husk & Houttuynia Cordata - for pore care
3) Ricebran & Arbutin - for whitening
4) Vitamin and Collagen - for wrinkle care
5) Aloe and Lavenderfor - for waterful and soothing
BB Creams:
1) Platinum BB for Man
2) Diamond Shiny Pearl BB
3) Always Nuddy BB
4) Always Triple BB


*Ah Ting* at: 22 May 2011 at 10:43 PM said...

is the co2 thing a face wash/mask?

Milly Walker at: 22 May 2011 at 11:57 PM said...

Hi Ting,
It is a foam face mask :)

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