BRTC MULTI Vital 10 system LINE - Win BRTC Mask!

17 Dec 2012
BRTC MULTI Vital 10 system LINE
More than 10% of vitamin complex 
being highly concentrated within entire products! 
Vital 10 Multi Vitamin Line for whitening inner skin and dull, dark skin blemishes!

Multi Vital 10 Line is the whitening line that revises dull skin tone to be even and gorgeous by more than 10% of various vitamin complexes as vitamin B5, E, F and B3 effective for creating dull and dark skin to be bright and illuminated being concentrated.

Vitalizer White Soap 200ml , $35

Cleansing foam with full of vitamin capsules concentrated 10% of vitamin
Cleansing foam that manages makeup, bodily waste, sebum as well as dead skin cell at once with refreshing, plentiful foam maintains moisturized skin without feeling tight even after washing face by created a moist film and cleans the skin by burst vitamin capsules while washing.

Vitalizer fluid 120ml, $39

Vitamin toner creating bright skin 
A toner with more than 10% of vitamin A, B3, B5, C, E, it penetrates deep inside skin to provide intensive whitening and add vitality, and at the same time control imbalance within the skin and provide abundant moisture to create clean and clear skin

Bright eye Vitalizer Cream 9g, $35

Vitamin spot balm for intensive whitening on dark imperfections 
and damaged skin spots 
A concentrated stick balm containing more than 10% of vitamin A, B3, B5, C, and E that gives off refreshing feeling and help intensive melanin care and skin restoration to transform dark complexion into a bright one. 

Vitalizer C 10 ampoule 30ml, $48

Ampoule with 10% of vitamin C for skin tone upgrade and vitalization 
Includes 10% of pure vitamin C stabilized through bio polymer process as well as abundant amount of other vitamins such as B3, B5, A, E, and F to help provide intensive whitening care inside the skin along with increasing of energy level through moisturizing and nutrient supply to create bright and clear skin.      

Vitalizer White Gel 50ml, $35

Whitening functional gel containing plenty of vitamin capsules and 10% of vitamin
Whitening functional gel with contained multi vitamin capsules makes clear and bright skin with intensive care on blemishes caused by pigment and allows dry, crumbly skin to be moist and smooth and also provides vitality to dull skin.

Vitalizer White Cream 50ml, $45

Concentrated vitamin cream that supply abundant nutrient and increase skin brightness and firmness 
A cream with abundant vitamin A, B3, B5, and E that prevent skin damage and provide intensive lifting care to remove shadows of winkles. At the same time it increases skin flexibility to brighten and firm up skin rough from malnutrition and stress. 

Vitalizer Mask 20ml*5ea, $30

Whitening and arranging dead skin cell mask concentrated 10% of vitamin
Whitening functional mask containing more than 10% of vitamin helps moisturizing, melanin care as well as anti oxidation and softly removes dead skin cells caused skin to be rough and dark with fruit ingredients to create moist and smooth skin.

To have beautiful skin on coming festive seasons, do prep yourself now. 
You will see the difference and radiance in 2 weeks time.

All products above are available at SaSa Outlets.

We have 2 pieces of masks to giveaway!
To participate, send us the following details to with subject title
"Luv BRTC Vital 10 Mask":
1) Full name:
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Submission Closing date: 28 December 2012


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