EQUINOL™ Dark Spot Concentrate - Really Works for me!

28 Dec 2012
GoodSkin Labs, the internationally acclaimed brand committed to providing targeted skincare products that deliver real skin solutions for specific concerns, introduces Equinol™ Dark Spot Concentrate, a concentrated morning and night treatment to attack stubborn dark spots, just where you need it.

Regardless of skin type or age, dark spots can occur in most individuals, and can be difficult to treat. These spots can be caused by acne, sun exposure, free radicals, and hormonal changes. Because of these factors, skin feels “attacked,” leading to inflammation at the cellular level and goes into “protection-mode.” This cycle triggers melanin synthesis, which leads to hyperpigmentation. 

To help fight dark spots “on the spot,” GoodSkin Labs introduces Equinol™ Dark Spot Concentrate. Starting NOW, help stop uneven skin tone for a naturally flawless complexion. Target dark spots right where you need it with precision application to experience fast, effective results. 

How does it work? Equinol™ takes a multi-pronged, targeted, spot treatment approach to uneven skin tone. The advanced formula contains SR12, a breakthrough ingredient, which is originally derived from the Dianella Ensifolia plant. This ingredient is combined with Vitamin C and glucosamine to help eliminate the appearance of dark spots, while preventing new ones from forming. At the same time, caffeine helps soothe and calm skin, reducing irritation. 


The scientists from GoodSkin Labs conducted a series of stringent studies to test effectiveness.

Clinical Study Result: Instantly: 
- 73% improvement in skin clarity 
- After 4 Weeks: 43% improvement in skin tone, 41% improved clarity 
- After 12 weeks: 55% reduction in visible size and color intensity of dark spots


“Skin discoloration is probably the most common complaint amongst patients in my dermatology practice. Regardless of skin type or age, dark spots occur to some degree in most individuals; with inflammation, hormone changes and sun damage amongst the most common causes. Traditional techniques, such as prescription bleaching creams and lasers, often carry risks of irritation, downtime or risk of worsening the condition. With this in mind, although it is not the same as a prescription, Good Skin Labs presents Equinol™, a gentle and effective treatment that targets hyperpigmentation from several angles. Using novel anti-pigment ingredients combined with anti oxidants, exfoliators and barrier protectors, Equinol™ is a multifaceted weapon in the battle against hyperpigmentation.” Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist Brand Endorser


Fight dark spots “on the spot” – starting NOW! Equinol™ Dark Spot Concentrate, a multi-faceted, targeted treatment, attacks uneven skin tone instantly and overtime, while it also helps prevent new discolorations from forming. Target spots with precision by applying a liberal amount twice a day right where you need it. Follow with Exten-10 Instant Youth Boosting Moisturizer SPF 15 to protect skin from further damage.

You will see the difference and radiance in 4 weeks time.

Equinol™ Dark Spot Concentrate is available at SaSa Outlets.


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