Elisha Coy Special BB Cream Set Review

27 Dec 2010
Elisha Coy Special BB Cream Set Special Promotion! Read about the review of these amazing BB creams. Plus we have samples to give away! Proudly sponsored by Lush Beauty!!!!
I received a beautiful packaging from Lush Beauty. When I opened the box, it was a cute BB cream set comes with Diamond Shiny Pearl BB, Always Nuddy BB and Always Triple BB. I have done the review for Always Nuddy BB and Always Triple BB, so will be reviewing Diamond Shiny Pearl BB. Firstly, I will start off with all the cream coverage and cream colour.
Shiny Diamond BB is more to beige mid tone colour, texture is creamy. Always Triple BB has lightest tone among the 3 BB creams, texture is creamy too. Always Nuddy is lighter beige tone and texture is less creamy and slightly watery (cos more water based)
I can say that the 3 BB creams' coverage are good. All their texture are smooth and easy to blend.
Now it's time to review Diamond Shiny Pearl BB cream. Read about their benefits:
These few days have some zits and marks on my face. So BB cream is my saviour. After applying, skin becomes brighter, pores are smaller and my pimples and marks are less visible.
I applied loose powder after BB cream for a matt finish. 99% satisfaction!
During this festive period, Lush Beauty is having promotion for this limited edition BB cream set.
This BB cream set includes 1 Always Nuddy BB cream (15ml, retail price $15), 1 Always Triple BB (15ml, retail price $17) and 1 Diamond Shiny Pearl BB(15ml, retail price $17.90).
This special set is only $19.90 for a limited time period!
You can now purchase online - or click here to the direct page.

Yes, as mentioned earlier, we have free sample to give away! We have 10 sets for 10 lucky ladies. They will receive 2 sample packs of Always Nuddy BB Cream and 2 sample packs of Wrinkle Out perfect Line Cream. Just email us ( your name, address, contact number and subject title "Lush Beauty Samples Giveaway". Please email us asap so you can be the lucky 10!

All samples given away. Thanks for the overwhelming support!


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